Install bumblebee on Ubuntu 16.10

The same as my last post, but we need to install bumblebee from testing ppa manually, because there are no packages for yakkety yet.

mkdir bumblebee-testing
cd bumblebee-testing
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

And bumblebee can work fine with steam’s games now, no need to update libstdc++ library inside steam folder.


Unison End_of_file exception raised in loading archive


  1. Go to ~/.unison on your local and delete all cache files. e.g. ar82caecb482c04a8d000cc5f562acde60 and fp82caecb482c04a8d000cc5f562acde60
  2. Go to ~/.unison on your server and delete all cache files, just like above
  3. Delete unison.log if you want (This file is big)