Cài bundle cho Symfony 2 một cách thủ công

1a. Copy doctrine-fixtures, doctrine-fixtures-bundle, doctrine-migrations, doctrine-migrations-bundle to folder ./vender/doctrine/
1b. Copy knp-menu, knp-menu-bundle to folder ./vender/knp/

2. Registry bundle in AppKernel

$bundles = array(
new Knp\Bundle\MenuBundle\KnpMenuBundle(),

if (in_array($this->getEnvironment(), array(‘dev’, ‘test’))) {
$bundles[] = new Doctrine\Bundle\FixturesBundle\DoctrineFixturesBundle();
$bundles[] = new Doctrine\Bundle\MigrationsBundle\DoctrineMigrationsBundle();
return $bundles;

3. Update namespace (file ./vender/composer/autoload_namespaces.php)
‘Doctrine\\DBAL’ => $vendorDir . ‘/doctrine/dbal/lib/’,
add =>    ‘Doctrine\\Common\\DataFixtures’    => $vendorDir . ‘/doctrine/doctrine-fixtures/lib’,
add =>    ‘Doctrine\\DBAL\\Migrations’    => $vendorDir . ‘/doctrine/doctrine-migrations/lib’,
‘Doctrine\\Common’ => $vendorDir . ‘/doctrine/common/lib/’,
add =>    ‘Doctrine\\Bundle\\FixturesBundle’ => $vendorDir . ‘/doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle/’,
add =>   ‘Doctrine\\Bundle\\MigrationsBundle’ => $vendorDir . ‘/doctrine/doctrine-migrations-bundle/’,
‘Doctrine\\Bundle\\DoctrineBundle’ => $vendorDir . ‘/doctrine/doctrine-bundle/’,

add =>   ‘Knp\Menu’   => $vendorDir . ‘/knp/knp-menu/src’,
add =>   ‘Knp\\Bundle\\MenuBundle’ => $vendorDir . ‘/knp/knp-menu-bundle/’,
” => $baseDir . ‘/src/’,

4. Use

php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load
php app/console doctrine:migrations:diff
php app/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

5. Config menu (options)
file /app/config.yml

twig:  # use “twig: false” to disable the Twig extension and the TwigRenderer
template: knp_menu.html.twig
templating: false # if true, enables the helper for PHP templates
default_renderer: twig # The renderer to use, list is also available by default_renderer

6. link download bundles


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